About Fizz

Fizz began as a single company, Fizz-Yearbooks, in 2007. Driven by quality and working to a standard rather than a cost, Fizz has experienced record growth since inception. Keeping pace with the changing marketplace, the organisation has branched into other areas, continuing to do so when demand is sufficient. Forging links with providers in both the UK and overseas in order to source quality materials and deliver key outcomes, Fizz Group now manages a global supply chain and generates over £2million in revenue per year.

Photography by Birmingham photographer Phil Hitchman

I am proud of the company we have built today, and of our reputation as the most cost effective, reliable and quality driven provider supplying services to the International and UK schools market.

A customer facing approach, strong leadership and fastidious attention to detail in every aspect of the business has resulted in at least 100% growth year on year, and long standing relationships with schools in the UK and beyond.

I am excited for what the future holds for Fizz. We continue to expand our core businesses in the United Kingdom, alongside global expansion into the USA: the ‘spiritual’ home of the school Yearbook.

Adam McGill
Managing Director

Young Business Stars Competition

Having strong links with the education sector and a genuine passion for inspiring and delighting young people, Fizz Group have launched the Young Business Stars Competition as part of an ongoing corporate social responsibility programme. The competition invites students at participating schools to put forward a business idea in teams, explaining the background of the idea, and how it could be successful. The winning team receives £5,000.